Our Vision

To see Hydro Power and green LED light solutions in the home and business of every entity that wants to reduce their carbon footprint. This includes homeowners who would like to spend less time searching and more time decorating their homes with custom LED light fixtures.

Our Mission

At Ever International, our mission is to provide durable and energy-efficient LED lighting solutions that can suit a range of industries and residences. Our aim is to become leading global players when it comes to improving the quality of human life and the environment. This endeavor is consistent with our core beliefs – to be the preferred value-added LED lighting provider in the US and European markets.

Our Company

Shanghai Ever International Corporation Limited was inspired by our existing corporation, Ever Hydro, an entity that has spent the last two decades working and perfecting hydro power energy solutions for a diverse clientele. Working in this comprehensive field has allowed us to accommodate complex and unique demands, a skill that we transferred admirably to Ever International.

Ever International was launched in 2018 and was based on everything we learned and achieved from Ever Hydro. Using those lessons as a strong foundation, we were able to create diverse inventories to accommodate energy-efficient and aesthetically-pleasing LED lighting fixtures.

Our aim is to light up people’s lives and provide them with a diverse portfolio of offerings that can suit a range of décor and ambience needs. What sets us apart from other companies is that we create each light fixture to make it last longer without increasing energy use.

Since each is based on strict quality control measures and a stringent selection system, we are able to research, design and deploy a steady supply of custom made light fixtures for both residential and commercial setups.

This includes restaurants, shops, galleries, offices to homes, irrespective of their size or lighting needs. Our ultimate goal is to become the go-to source for clean, green and sustainable lighting solutions that can meet specific and challenging interior and exterior demands.

We are also environmentally-focused on daily processes to reduce our own environmental impact and to remain an organization that our clients can trust unconditionally. Nurturing breakthrough ideas with our years of industry-specific wisdom allows us to deliver solutions that break the mold when it comes to innovation.

In fact, we measure our success on the positive contributions we make in the lives of people. We do that by embracing continual improvements in all of our business practices and operations and by focusing on quality deliverables that can allow you to realize your full potential. As such, we see our core mission and vision values as beacons of light that allow us to remain on the right path in terms of our business goals and above all else, client satisfaction.