About Us

why choose everintl lighting

Why choose us

At EVER International, we are always ....

  • Listening to your voice
  • Understanding what you want
  • Offering what you prefer
  • Exploring what else might be better
  • Execute what you order
  • Deliver what we can do the best

We are proud to introduce our first edition of deco lighting series created by our ART DESIGNER Mr. Bradley Conner Welcome to work with us to bring your stunning creations, we will keep exploring, exploring, exploring.

Our Team Name

Jane Xu CEO & Owner
Bradley Conner Art Designer

At Ever International, we have highly motivated, performance driven employees from design, technique, sales and service who work carefully to suit every single customer’s unique demand.

about everintl lighting
everintl lightinging goal

Our Goal

Choose Ever International, together we’ll make life better. Better You, Better Me, Better Life

At Ever International, we strive to make our lighting products save up to 90% energy and more environmental protection through our efforts and innovation, by our Lighting products to improve healthy and enjoyable lives of thousands of million people a year by 2025.

We will be the best place to work for people who share our passion. Together we will deliver superior value for our customers and partnerships.